Dutch Design Week 2020

Milan Design Market


Isola Design District 

Currator's Selection

Soap dish Álvaro

Álvaro soap dish is designed to hold a solid soap. The shape of the soap dish keeps the soap out of the water so that it can dry between each use.


Table lamp color block, made of colored concrete with natural pigments,

Santa Living

Santa creates ethical and sustainable home textiles inspired by the Mediterranean and designed for a restful sleep


A simple fire bowl with great versatility. The design language is based on the traditional stove burner.


 inspired by the Moon and its circular movement around the Earth, remembering how our economy should be today: CIRCULAR and no longer linear.

B-fora Pearl

"B-fora" is a ceramic vase with the shape of a fabulous woman. "B-Fora" is a vase born from the desire to combine the beauty and harmony of Greek art with the graceful female body silhouette.

Milan Design 

Meet The Designers


The Netherlands

Wisse Trooster is a passionately curious designer from The Netherlands that works with a variety of materials and in multiple disciplines.

Rashmi Bidasaria


Rashmi enjoys blurring the boundaries between different material media to find new interpretations that are often inspired by her native roots and cultural understanding. 

Bisktt Studio


At the crossroads of art and design, the collaboration of Charlotte and Martin is characterized by their duality and the contrast that link them.

Milan Design 

Game Changing Curation Of A Box Office By Fyra Studio

Game Changing Curation Of A Box Office By Fyra Studio

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