Dutch Design Week 2020

Milan Design Market


Isola Design District 

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TROUVÉ Royal Orange

Designer: Cohors


This fresh industrial design by Dutch product designer Marten van Middelkoop was created around two ideas. On the one hand Van Middelkoop admires the balanced and modest forms of Japanese aesthetics. On the other hand, he took a very practical approach towards the idea that a heatsink (an aluminum cooling element) is the most ideal encapsulation for a LED lamp that doesn’t need to be disguised as something else. While researching the many forms and shapes of aluminum heatsinks, he just found the ideal shape to create a table lamp that projects light on the lampshade and reflects the light downwards.

Material: Aluminum and Acrylate


• Height base: 220 mm, ⌀ 133 mm
• Height rod: 580 mm, ⌀ 8 mm
• ø lampshade: 400 mm

Price: 650€

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