Dutch Design Week 2020

Milan Design Market


Isola Design District 

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MM Charred Candle holder

Designer: Maria Pita Guerreiro


MM Charred Candle holder is part of the collection MYCELIUM MILLENNIUM, designed by Maria Pita Guerreiro. MYCELIUM MILLENNIUM imagines a new era in which biological resources, specifically Fungi and Mycelium, are used to grow a collection of objects for everyday domestic rituals, merging the fields of biofabrication and craft. Each object serves to promote the use of Mycelium and its various material qualities. This candle holder was crafted in an attempt to highlight its fire-resistance by applying the Japanese wood charring process -Yakisugi. 

Material: Mycelium (fungi shiitake + wood chips substrate) + wood treatment / Tecnique: Biofabrication (molding) + Craft burning treatment Yakisugi

Dimension: 29 cm length x 13cm width x 16cm height

Price: 350€

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