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Country:  Denmark

M&R all in the details...

At møbel  rum we believe in great design, but we also love a good story. That’s why we emphasis the Who, Where and

How behind our products as much as the What.


Made in Denmark

Denmark is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and a timeless aesthetic philosophy.
møbel & rum draws on these traditions and combines them with a distinctive modern edge and proudly make all our
products in Denmark.
M&R mainly sources local materials from all over Denmark and the Nordic countries, bringing them together in
Copenhagen to create bold, high quality products.
Even the labels and hangtags on the cushions are made in Denmark along with the hand folded boxes that the "mirrors" are packaged in.

The products of great stories

They say home is where the heart is; and at M&R they agree. Each item in your home is a representation of who you are,
defining your style and reflecting your personality.

At møbel & rum they strive to design unique products for every living space in your home. To them, quality is more
important than quantity and form must always follow function.

Though the focus is offering a range of noteworthy products, they emphasise the journey of each piece as much as the
final result. They believe that design can be a way of responding to larger issues in the world and they want their products
to stand for what matters.


Founder & owner

Christoffer founded M&R with the vision of creating a company that helped incite positive social change while offering
beautiful, timeless items for the home. An MA graduate in Industrial and Product design from the University of the Arts in
in London, Christoffer’s design approach involves trying to see everyday products from a different perspective, while
always keeping the user in focus. That form should follow function is a guiding principle for his work, as is his appreciation
for quality craftsmanship and local materials. As you look around the M&R site, you will find these beliefs reflected in
each and every item – including his own.

"Having travelled all over the world and seen how wasteful we are, it is time to get back to our roots and start designing and
producing quality design that focuses on the user, while acknowledging the impact we have on the environment"

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