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    All of our products are made of biocomposite materials that we produce from inconsumable foods or leaves. We use color codes for different types of raw materials. Since our products are up-cycled from organic waste and completely hand-made, each of them has a unique colour and texture. Original colours of the ingredients are protected, no colorants added.



    While Ottan's classic product series "LaLaLa" coasters accompany your morning coffee, let the Ottan material you choose create different color patterns and harmonies specific to your taste and personality. Pure Black - Upcycled from Coffee Pulp! Orange Juice - Upcycled from Orange Peels!



    Coffee Pulp, Burnt Orange Peels



    Width: 10 cm

    Depth: 10 cm

    Height: 0,8 cm (each piece)

    Weight: 0,5kg


    Care Advice:

    Clean gently with a wet cloth. Handwashing with warm water is recommended for long-lasting use. Avoid exposing direct sunlight for a long time. A minimum amount of color change can be seen over time.


    Set Options:







    In Ottan Studio, we develop, design and produce upcycled, aesthetic, high quality bio-materials and products from food and green waste by using sustainable methods for the good of humanity and nature. We see the beauty in the pieces of nature people call waste. From seed to tree, from tree to life… Our aim is to show that we can create anything from nature without consuming it. So here we are, designing and producing colorful, pleasant and sustainable furniture, objects, lighting, and decorative/structural panels without cutting a single tree.


    Sustainable Coaster Set - Composed of Lentils and Rice



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