• Designer: Agnst Design



    When driven with traction, the Pulldown Check-up Mirror becomes accessible for the user to see its reflexion. By the number of tractions performed, the object makes it possible to measure how the fitness ideology impacts your narcissism.



    - Steel

    - Iron

    - MDF

    - Mirror

    - Ropes

    - ABS Plastic




    H 250-270 x W 70 x D 20 cm

    H 270-290 x W 70 x D 20 cm



    Agnst Design is a parisian studio convinced by the emancipatory power of object design. Activating the critical conscience of the user in a humouristic way, each project proposes objects and experiences that progress our understanding of the world. Thus, verifying the independence of a way of thinking in the way of the taking action.

    Agnst Design | Pulldown Check-Up Mirror



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