• Designer: Alexandra Izeboud



    The MARBLE pendant is made of a brass cylindrical core and the marblelike solid surface (HI-MACS). The pendant is available in the colors white, black and green. The minimalistic design allows for the appreciation of the details in the material and fits any occasion, wether casual or fancy. The design is all about precise craftmanship. The three small parts are made on a metal lathe and are joined without using glue.



    - Brass

    - Solid Surface (green)



    - Length: 28 mm

    - Diameter: 6,5 mm

    - Collier: 70 cm, gold plated



    Alexandra Izeboud is a Holland based product designer. She is inspired by raw materials and their esthetical and technical properties. The designs have a timeless, minimalistic and playful character, by mainly using abstract shapes, that keeps surprising the eye with interesting details. By working with the materials and analysing how the parts in the assembly work together, modular and constructually well engineered solutions are found and applied in the design of furniture and lighting. Functionality, the way of use and experience always play a key role in her designs, thus creating a valuable and lasting relationship between the owner and the design. It is design for the attentive and curious eye.


    Alexandra Izeboud | MARBLE necklace pendant (green)



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