The MOONSPACE LIGHT SET  table lamp/bedside lamp delivers and creates atmosphere. If turned off is an object for the interior decor, if turned on it radiates the surrounding environment with soft light, like the moon! It is particularly suitable for the bedroom and the children's bedroom. Possibility of variants, for any need or info just contact us, we will find the solution together with the designer!

Height 170mm
Base diameter 310mm


Polyester fabric, water paint, knob
LED spotlight, 50 lm which consume up to 85% less energy, LED life time approx. 25.000 hours.  Cord length: 3.5 m.                                    


To remove any dust, clean the lamp with the cold or lukewarm jet to the minimum by placing the hairdryer at a distance of at least 20 centimeters.
The electrical parts used have the CE marking.

For this lamp I registered an Industrial Property Model Deposit at UIBM - N.402017000049693 of May 8, 2017



Light is a complex element, we can see it, it exists but it is impalpable, it has no form, it has no dimension, it has no weight. Creations of ArteMedia are born from the idea of exalting the light through forms, like small architectures that live because there is light and not the other way around.


"The various forms are born from casual situations, I play with materials, like when I was a child I was building with LEGO bricks, I started but I did not know I had to arrive, I only knew it at the end. It a bit the reverse of what happens in the architectural process, sketches, drawings, drafts to realize the idea that in a second moment will be realized. I create the lamps first by playing and then drawing them! My creations are at the same time unique pieces but replicable and customizable, both for size and colors. I firmly believe that a design object is not necessarily beautiful but prohibitive and inaccessible to most people, it is necessary to create objects that furnish and give off good energy accessible to many."

Tiziana Pecoraro


ArteMedia7072 | Moonspace Light | set of 2

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  • Italy

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