• Designer: Aurore



    With Troglometry Collection, the Craftswoman of the Sea, offers concrete
    applications to relinquished matters. By developing organic shapes and
    aesthetic, Aurore Piette aims to embody her collaboration with nature and
    the origin of the materials.



    100% revalued maritime material from French Atlantic Coast.



    Troglometry 01: 8,5 x 8 x 11,5 cm - 210,00€

    Troglometry 02: 11 x 11x 22 cm - 108,00€

    Troglometry 03: 9 x 9 x 17,5 cm - 108,00€

    Troglometry 04: 11 x 10 x 20cm - 195,00€

    Troglometry 05: 7,5 x 8 x 12,5cm - 108,00€


    Aurore Piette Studio develops Sustainable Design inspired by Nature and Craft. On the French Atlantic Coast, the Craftswoman of the sea revalues local discarded maritime materials in Interior Design with Architecture Applications, tiles and wall coatings, and Product Design, ceramics and furniture.


    Aurore Piette Studio | Troglometry 01- 02- 03 -04 -05



    Shipping within EU 50 Euro.

    Shipping out of EU country 200 Euro.

    Estimated delivery time:

    7 Business days


    If the product is being produced upon request the confirmation photo will be sent before shipping to be confirmed by the customer. This is an un-refundable product, customer can return the product in 14 days only if it's defective or does not carry the promised conditions like colour, quality, quantity, model ect. In case of a return of a damaged or faulty item, total money will be refunded to the Customer including the shipping fee that has been paid.