• Designer: Austeja Platukyte



    An object from Invisible Objects collection - a reinterpretation of biomaterials while creating hybrid material objects that main matter will probably disappear in the future geological layers leaving no negative impact or synthetic man-made materials identity and could be an invisible example of a short period of positive human impact for the future species on Earth. ​

    This particular object is made of only cellulosic materials (except a socket, plug, and cord) - shaped by hands using recycled cellulose fiber mass and coated with cellulose-based bioplastic mixed with organic hibiscus powder. the cellulose-based bioplastic makes the object waterproof and protects it against possible damage, but still keep it organic and biodegradable. due to natural processes and micro-organisms, the object will again become a part of nature, forming new material layers, and will cause no harm to the environment or other forms of life at all.



    ⌀ 110 mm, h-140 mm



    - Recycled cellulose fiber mass

    - Coated with cellulose-based bioplastic mixed with organic charcoal powder




    Austeja Platukyte is an artist and Ph.D. student of design in Vilnius Academy of Arts. She focuses on material research, and her creative solutions are systematically linked to the theme of organic materials and her research lined with the topic of materials

    transformation into other forms, introducing new social, cultural, economic, and psychological context into her creative process. In each of her projects, the artist seeks tohighlight the relevance of the creative process, gain real experience in the developmentof new materials, while creating contemporary art and design objects. Austeja combinesexperimental research with the imagination and interpretation ofexisting knowledge while working on interdisciplinary projects. AustejaPlatukyte explores the fundamental ecological problems, emphasizing cultural philosophical movement, awareness-raising, questioning the values of the society in thecontext of consumption. Departing from the aesthetic, formal, and functional definitionsA.Platukyte seeks to discover alternative design methods that will resist the logic ofuniversality, functionality, and overall beauty dictated by large-scale industry. Theartist strives to create materials and non-finite objects for the viewer's interpretation andthe future transformation process. By doing so, she seeks to rethink the relationshipbetween humans and nature, questioning today’s scientific information and speculatingfuture material possibilities. Often, she raises the question about how creative practicescan be focused on the social, cultural, and political realms that will only remain in thegeological layers of the earth, and how we can use natural materials to create alternativeand unpredictable future scenarios. In her research, she also focuses on the materialflows and traces we will leave behind as a species and designing biodegradable artobjects which could be considered as independent things, creating their own story -collaborating with natural environmental processes and transforming into hybridmaterials, which in future could become into new forms of art. In that way, theartist contribute to the never-ending world transformation processes.

    Austeja Platukyte | Invisible Objects Collection | Flower Pot - Charcoal



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