Solid wood mirror developed by Lorenzo Rossottti and Luca Giacomelli, owners of the design studio Nove.3 based in Milan, and made by an italian wood artisans. Handmade products treated only with natural oils nothing else, it's not suggested to placed it anywhere there are thermal changes (chimneys, radiators, etc).





-Hand-poured in the Italy by leading artisans

-High-quality wood

-Treated with natural oils


Material and Size Options:


  • Walnut / Diameter 40 cm
  • Ash Tree / Diameter 40 cm
  • Walnut / Diameter 66 cm
  • Ash Tree / Diameter 66 cm
  • Lacquered Wood / Diameter 40 cm
  • Lacquered Wood / Diameter 66 cm





Berardelli Home's uniquely designed, handcrafted products for a home with character. 

These elegant wooden mirrors all stem from exotic and good quality types of wood.


Handmade mirrors and everything they produce is lovingly crafted by their highly skilled artisans.

Everything is designed and produced in Italy.

Studio Nove.3 | Eclisse

Material and Size Options
  • Cost: 100 Euro

    Estimated delivery time: 4/5 weeks (produce upon request)

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