• Designer: Cohors



    This fresh industrial design by Dutch product designer Marten van Middelkoop was created around two ideas. On the one hand Van Middelkoop admires the balanced and modest forms of Japanese aesthetics. On the other hand, he took a very practical approach towards the idea that a heatsink (an aluminum cooling element) is the most ideal encapsulation for a LED lamp that doesn’t need to be disguised as something else. While researching the many forms and shapes of aluminum heatsinks, he just found the ideal shape to create a table lamp that projects light on the lampshade and reflects the light downwards.


    COHORS invited five more artists to respond autonomously on Marten van Middelkoop’s design from their perspectives. So, when you buy TROUVÉ, you’re are actually buying a complete art- and design exhibition.
    The manual, artwork and packaging designed by EVELINE SCHRAM gives access to the Augmented Reality app (to be found in the AppStore or Google Play Store: Trouvé AR) designed by FREEK RUTKENS. This neat little feature doesn’t only show you how to assemble the table lamp in 3D but also gives access to an animation by motion graphic designer JOOST CAMARO, photography by MILAN BOONSTRA and a soundtrack specially composed for the lamp by ERIC MAGNÉE to complete your TROUVÉ experience.



    • Height base: 220 mm, ⌀ 133 mm
    • Height rod: 580 mm, ⌀ 8 mm
    • ø lampshade: 400 mm



    - Aluminum and Acrylate



    The design label COHORS creates a stage for designers and artists. It enables them to express and excel, experiment and explore. Obviously, you are more than welcome to buy our designers’ products. But before and beyond that, we showcase their unique artistic views.

    Cohors | TROUVÉ Passionate Black


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