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    Storage box color block made of colored concrete with natural pigments.



    - Concrete 



    - 10x1.5cm



    The brand Concreto, which took its name from the English word "concrete", was born from a company in Bologna that has been working cement for construction since 1946. The materials used for the creation of our products are 100% made in Italy, hence the idea of transforming the name of our brand into CONCRETO, an Italian name. It all started with the ambition to combine the traditional cement processing with innovation, so as to give life to unique and modern design products made out of natural concrete and marble grit. All items are hand-manufactured, and this is the reason why no product can be the same, and will all be unique and unrepeatable pieces.


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    Shipping within EU 15 Euro.

    Shipping to out of EU 35 Euro.

    Estimated delivery time:

    4-8 Days


    If the product is being produced upon request the confirmation photo will be sent before shipping to be confirmed by the customer. This is an un-refundable product, customer can return the product in 14 days only if it's defective or does not carry the promised conditions like colour, quality, quantity, model ect. In case of a return of a damaged or faulty item, total money will be refunded to the Customer including the shipping fee that has been paid.