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    Now and then there is a revolutionary disruptive idea that turns an industry upside down. Not to just be different, but to create truly innovative solutions. The Ameba armchair by Hugo de Ruiter is made from a monoblock of soft foam. By applying a special coating developed by CooLoo, the armchair has both wonderful comfort and very good stability. No frames, bolts, screws, or anything required. Just a foam shape, a sustainable coating, and a finishing from waste materials.



    Length 100 cm, width 80, height 72 cm



    - Soft foam and CooLLeather coating



    CooLoo develops and produces products and finishes for interiors, furniture, acoustic solutions, and industrial applications based on innovative coating technologies. The freedom of design offered by these techniques, in combination with the use of waste materials, leads to unique, circular products designed within CooLoo's sustainable philosophy.

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