• Designer: Forma Nuda Design




    It is a light, a flower holder, a sculpture by the unsettle disposition made of movable marble base by the simple shape, a flexible Neon LED that wind up in a fluid and sensual manner, and brass elements that functions as both support and constrain for the postures of both the neon-flex and the green elements.



     Block1_h.130mm - w.80mm - l.100mm

    Blok2_h.130mm - w.80mm - l.100mm

    Bar_ h.350mm - Ø 4mm Light_ L.2000mm - Ø 16mm

    Power cable L.150 cm

    Weight_2-3 kg

    Light Color: W/WW/P/R/B/G/Y

    Variation upon request




    - Marble Carrara Statuario

    - LED Neon Flex

    - Brass




    The Studio aims to explore the kinematic and sensorial relationships between humans, objects and space, through a sleek and playful design that combines the manufacturing, functionality and materials excellences with the emotion of experimentation and play.




    Forma Nuda Design | Dirty Dancing



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