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    It Is a lamp, a flower holder, a product that goes beyond the statIc desIgn by InvolvIng the senses, In partIcular the feelIng of touch and wIth It the movement. If the varIous arrangement of the marble bases already constItute InstallatIons wIthIn the space, the lIght tube In beIng twIsted, dropped or stand In an unstable balance, amplIfy the countless dIsposItIon of thIs object; whIle the bronze bar serves as both support and coercIon for the postures of both neon-flex and green elements.



    Block1 and Blok2_h.130mm - w.80mm - l.100mm

    Bar_ h.350mm - Ø 4mm

    Light_ L.1000mm - Ø 16mm

    Power cable L.150 cm Weight_2-3 kg

    Light Color available: WW

    Other Light Color: W/WW/P/R/B/G/Y

    Variation upon request




    - Marble Carrara Statuario

    - LED Neon Flex

    - Brass




    The Studio aims to explore the kinematic and sensorial relationships between humans, objects and space, through a sleek and playful design that combines the manufacturing, functionality and materials excellences with the emotion of experimentation and play.





    Forma Nuda Design | Drunk In Love



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