• Designer: Forma Nuda Design



    It is made of a marble block with a through-hole in which is inserted the Neon LED Flex that can be slide in and out or be place in different manners thanks also to the support of the brass elements. The Marble is cut as a sort of massive brick, a simple shape but capable of showing all the tectonic, the nuances, the layers that make each of the stone block unique. Its weight is able to support the light and its movement without precluding the possibility of setting it differently. This combination between the solid stratification of a nature with a blasé attitude towards time and all its surrounding, and the uncertain fluidity of that newness that tries to find its place among what is beyond time, create a dialogue by the endless spatial installations, accessorial interactions with the body, versatile lighting atmospheres, new matter sensibility.



    Block_ h.180mm - w.50mm - l.210mm

    Light_ L.2000mm - Ø 16mm

    Power cable length_150cm Weight_3-4 kg

    Light Color available W/P

    Other Light Color: W/WW/P/R/B/G/Y

    Variation upon request




    - Carrara Marble

    - LED Neon Flex

    - Brass




    The Studio aims to explore the kinematic and sensorial relationships between humans, objects and space, through a sleek and playful design that combines the manufacturing, functionality and materials excellences with the emotion of experimentation and play.




    Forma Nuda Design | Embrace



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