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    It is made of a marble block in the shape of a sprocket to which the light can be hooked on or off, rolled around or arranged in a different way, thanks also to the support of the brass elements. The design choice not to block the light body mead it a changeable element, which wind up a fluid and sensual manner in following the perceptual will of the people who interact with it in shaping each time a different spatial installation. It can also be seen as a wheel or a circle that can be pull or make It swing, stand or lay on one side, displaying a variation in brightness depending on whether the light is more or less exposed. A simple shape able to bring up youthful memories but also stimulate new sensorial ones, due to that synesthetic effect given by the marble passing from static to movable and the light from ethereal to palpable.



    External disks_ Ø 240mm - w.15mm

    Internal disks_ Ø150mm - w.50mm

    Light_ L.3000mm - Ø 16mm

    Power cable length_150cm Weight_5-6 kg

    Light Color available WW

    Other Light Color: W/WW/P/R/B/G/Y

    Variation upon request



    - Marble Carrara Statuario

    - LED Neon Flex

    - Brass




    The Studio aims to explore the kinematic and sensorial relationships between humans, objects and space, through a sleek and playful design that combines the manufacturing, functionality and materials excellences with the emotion of experimentation and play.





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