• Designer: Gianmaria Della Ratta



    MACCHERONEXTRUSION.obj is an ornamental object that can be used as a coffee table thanks to its translucent PMMA top. In addition, the small opening that pops out of the top can be used to store, for example, vases of the appropriate size or anything within those sizes. This coffee table takes its inspiration from the creation of “maccheroni”. Extrusion. In this case, in the object we can see how, in addition to the result of this extrusion that seems to be still on going, there is also the template from which the “maccherone” is extruded, represented by the PMMA top precisely carved with the CNC technique to fit gently with the base, the “maccherone” itself, which was given life thanks to the 3d printing. Two pieces, in short, that meet, and that tell together how it is possible to give life to such a characteristic food but that thanks to the use of digital can become something new, unexpected, ironic, and highly recognizable aesthetic. An iconic object, which contains within it the history of a production process unknown to many, turning towards the future of creation and becoming a symbol of a nation, Italy, which must always look to the future and not close itself in its traditions.



    - PLA

    - PMMA



    L 55 x W 55 x H 65 cm



    Italian Designer born in Sant Agata dei Goti.
    His studio was founded in 2019 after obtaining his MA in Contextual Design at the Design Academy of Eindhoven. Currently, he daily dedicates himself to the realization of personal projects and collaboration with various companies.






    Gianmaria Della Ratta | Maccheronextrusion



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