Peony & Blush Suede Soy Candle

Enjoy the joys of spring all year round with this Peony and Blush Suede scented candle. With generous middle notes of jasmine, rose and gillyflower, the crisp, red apple top notes come through for an unforgettable sensory experience. Light this candle while dining al fresco to truly appreciate its exquisite natural scent.


Fresh Linen Soy Candle

This Fresh Linen scented candle fills your home with the smell of crisp, white sheets; even when it’s not laundry day. Light, airy and beautifully clean, this fresh and uplifting fragrance evokes the feeling of a pure, billowing breeze. Light it in the living room for an uplifting sensory experience.


Cocoa Butter Soy Candle

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this Cocoa Butter scented candle smells just like a fresh, warm batch of cocoa butter. With a beautifully rich fragrance and sweet-smelling aroma to it, it’s practically good enough to eat! Light it in the kitchen to get your culinary juices flowing.


Seychelles Soy Candle

Experience the joy of far-flung destinations in the comfort of your own home with this Seychelles scented candle. Reminiscent of a breezy Indian Ocean island, this fragrance beautifully blends notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warmer notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond – so all you have to do is close your eyes and imagine you’re there.


French Vanilla Soy Candle

Giving off an identical scent to freshly chopped vanilla pods, this Vanilla scented candle is luxury fragrance at its finest. Set apart by its distinctive spicy undertone, this delicate floral aroma is a trusted classic. Use it to spread a little sweetness throughout your home.


Coconut Soy Candle

Capturing the essence of a tropical beach, this Coconut scented candle lets you drift off to exotic far-flung destinations every time it’s lit. Bursting with the aroma of freshly-cut coconuts, use it to unwind in the bath after a chaotic day.




-100% vegan friendly

-Hand-poured in the UK by leading artisans

-Made from high-quality soy wax,



Fragrances :


  • Peony & Blush Suede Soy Candle
  • Fresh Linen Soy Candle
  • Cocoa Butter Soy Candle
  • Seychelles Soy Candle
  • French Vanilla Soy Candle
  • Coconut Soy Candle




Founded in 2018, Helm London is a minimalist, contemporary homeware brand with a difference.


Specialising in luxury, handmade candles, everything we produce is lovingly crafted by our highly skilled artisans and personalised just for you.


Inspired by some of the finest fragrances from around the world, each scent is handpicked by our team to give you the very best aroma for your home.


With quality at our heart, our candles are made from 3 key components:

-Pure Soy Wax
-Luxury Fragrances & Oils
-Premium Cotton & Maple Wicks


Everything is designed, sourced, and handmade in the UK.

Helm London | Soft Fragrance Candles

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