• Designer: IAMMI



    ​"B-fora" is a ceramic vase with the shape of a fabulous woman. "B-Fora" is a vase born from the desire to combine the beauty and harmony of Greek art with the graceful female body silhouette. The original silhouette belongs to a classic continuous-profile amphora of ancient Greece, but finally, the B-side is revealed! In fact, the "B-fora" shows what has been hidden under the garments of the amphora for centuries, generously revealing the B-side of the traditional "A-nfora". ​ Starting from the wide rim, the narrow neck of the vase measures only 1.5 cm, creating a soft curve that helps to drain the liquids in a single flow. The only sharp-edged elements present are the two handles, positioned from the neck to the shoulder and designed to easily carry the vase. From the shoulder to the belly, the vase reveals at 360° the shapes of a self-confident woman, proudly showing herself. At the top of the belly, the vase reaches its apex of amplitude. Descending it begins to taper up to the area of the foot, where it loses the female appearance and returns to the classic Greek amphora form. Each vase is made with the mold casting technique and finished by hand. Every piece is unique so every B-fora that you order could be slightly different from the picture, but still lovely. As in our body, the “defects” are the details that make each piece unique. The ceramic pot is suitable to accommodate liquids inside. Limoncello B-fora is part of the “Macarons Collection”.



    - Clay, glazed inside. Matt finish outside. 



    - Size : 165 x 120 x h.350 mm

    -Weight: gr 1200



    IAMMI is an Italian design brand founded by dos Santos, Italian-Portuguese product designer & Stephanie Blanchard, Italian-French art director. In IAMMI they project and create original and unconventional products. All the designs fuse tradition and innovation, giving birth to a variety of objects that reflect the IAMMI reality.‍‍ Dos Santos & Stephanie are partners in crime & in private. They started doing stuff together since the beginning of their relationship, in 2010 and ended up creating IAMMI in 2019. For them IAMMI represents a perfect balance between their passion, a way to combine their visions into a concrete object.

    IAMMI | B-fora klein



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    If the product is being produced upon request the confirmation photo will be sent before shipping to be confirmed by the customer. This is an un-refundable product, customer can return the product in 14 days only if it's defective or does not carry the promised conditions like colour, quality, quantity, model ect. In case of a return of a damaged or faulty item, total money will be refunded to the Customer including the shipping fee that has been paid.