• Designer: Lionne Van Deursen



    The LUNA light is a table lamp. The translucent sheet is made of bacterial cellulose. This microbial cellulose is produced by bacteria and yeast in a fermentation process. Each bacterial cellulose sheet has a different translucency and colour, as the growing process is unpredictable. This makes each lamp unique. 



    32,5 x 13,5 x 36 cm



    -Bacterial cellulose and plywood



    Studio Lionne van Deursen is a material research and product design studio. The studio focuses on experimental research, to give insight in the possibilities of new materials. An ongoing project is a research to a material made of bacterial cellulose. In 2019 the studio was founded after Lionne van Deursen graduated in spatial and graphic design

    Lionne Van Deursen | LUNA light



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