Not Your Average Textile: Revive

Revive is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (PET), in this case plastic bottles. This type of production is much more efficient than virgin polyesters, which results in less energy and chemicals being used and CO2 emissions are minimized.


Sewn by Hand 

Devina Melange 2: Each piece of wool is carefully measured and cut out, then a pattern is marked out to ensure the fabric is ‘pinched’ in the right places to create the smocking. This is only feasible by hand and cannot be mimicked by machine. The two textiles are then sewn together to create this distinctive cushion, allowing møbel og rum to showcase this wonderfully expressive and detailed journey through


Details That Matter
The inner cushion is sourced from the Danish company, Søms. It is Oeko-Tex certified and made from a combination of EU sourced feathers and HCN fibers. All manufacturing takes place at Huset Venture, a socio-economic, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with mental, physical or social barriers succeed in the workplace. Rest your head on one of these cushions knowing you have helped make a difference.



At møbel & rum we believe in great design, but we also love a good story. That’s why we emphasis the Who, Where and How behind our products as much as the What. Whether it’s our porcelain vases crafted on Bornholm using 100% green energy, or our 100% recycled plastic fabric cushions sewn by hand in Copenhagen, we practice sustainable and ethical production throughout. In addition to the talented designers we work with, we also collaborate with organisations that help people facing physical, mental or social barriers to enter the labour market. In short, we want to make quality-crafted products for people who care about how their purchases impact the environment and the people who made them.

M&R | Møns Klint Vase

  • Cost: 30€

    Produced on request

    Estimated delivery time: In 4 weeks



  • Denmark

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