Cylindrical methacrylate stool with aeronautical quality solid aluminum seat that contains a velvet cushion. This seat is characterized by its light and innovative appearance. It has been created to be part of any room as a differentiating, functional and decorative complement.




Color : 

The color is added trough an anodization process, an electrochemical technique that adds the pigment inside the mains material’s pore, adding not only color but providing surface corrosion protection and shine.

  • Blue and pink
  • Red and gold
  • Purple and pink


Material :

 Aeronautical quality solid aluminum


All May Arratia products are customizable. If you have any request don't hesisate to contact us !


May Arratia pieces are manufactured upon request exclusively for each of our customers and includes an engraving with the clients name.


Size :

50 cm x 30 cm




MAY ARRATIA studio + showroom is located in the north of Spain and specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality creative furniture, mainly in HQ solid aluminum, machined by numerical control with an anodization finish to add a rainbow of color. 


The application of this material and manufacturing process for decorative purposes is a total innovation, adding even more singularity to these customizable creations; unique objects created to last over time.

May Arratia | Arrayanes Stool

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