• Designer: Mykor



    This unique vase is inspired by industrial Japanese landscapes alongside the perfection of concentrical rock gardens. It is hand-grown in the UK from urban wood waste and reishi mushroom mycelium, then dyed with natural dyes to achieve the rust look. Use it as a statement accent to any room or as a table centrepiece filled with fresh or dry flowers. Each piece is unique according to the way the organism grows and it might change slightly over time. Items might vary slightly in colour or appearance, which we hope you see as an advantage rather than a vice!



    - Mycelium and wood waste



    - Diameter of opening 3.9in/10cm

    - Height 6.4in/16.5cm

    - Max circumference 5.7in/14.5cm

    - Diameter at base 2.7in/7cm



    Mykor is a biotechnology and design company which has at its core digital design and bio-fabrication inspired by nature. We strive for a cross-disciplinary approach combining design, biology and technology, to create a limited series of interiors objects with a unique aesthetic.


    Mykor | Kyoto Vase

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