Walter & Wassily is the special edition of the high quality brand neubau eyewear. Front in 3d print and teemples in titanium. A tribute to the 100 years of Bauhaus


Clear lines, unadorned elegance, pragmatic excellence; these are attributes that could not be closer to their own understanding of design, and also shapes their new special edition frames “Walter & Wassily”, dedicated entirely to the Bauhaus era.

The high-end sunglasses inspired by Walter Gropius and Wassily Kandinsky (a painter and teacher at the Bauhaus) is a tribute to the clear formal language of the legendary Bauhaus figureheads. The metal tubes of the Bauhaus epoch were translated into an adaptable titanium frame, the unmistakable circle is a central design element in a futuristic 3D print, and essential shades such as brass, black and silver provide an interesting contrast throughout the high-end frames.

neubau | Walter & Wassily

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    • 100% UVA/UVB protection
    • UV 400
    • Super light
    • Polycarbonate (policarbonato è il materiale delle lenti)
    • Base 4 (base 4. Indica il grado di curvatura del frontale)
    • Antireflecting coating (rivestimento antiriflesso)
    • AR-Coating on backside (Antireflective)
    • high-impact resistant polycarbonat

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