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    Pompei, a the series of Column-based designed by the couple of artists and architects Allina & Matteo Cor and produced entirely in resin. In the ancient city of Pompei the Artists fell in love with colors, structures and in particular with the columns and semi-columns used in the past, more as a decoration than as a structure, with double colors, 1/3 red and 2/3 white. Starting from the reinterpretation of the Pompeian semi-column, POMPEI does not present the classic grooves of the structure, but rather small, faded columns that gradually become thinner. These small columns take up half of the perimeter, redesigning it and creating games of empty and full with a strong visual impact. The resin is finished by hand as a stone, for a result of 13 pieces different in proportion and colour, with nuances that, each layer, immediately recall a different material: from red porphyry to red quartz, from pink portugal marble to white onyx.




    - Pigment

    - Resin



    Allina & Matteo Cor are a duo of Italian artists and architects. Allina & Matteo Cor somehow started to think together in Venice in 2011, they established in 2017 in Brussels and moved to Milan in 2019. In Milan, the duo is currently converting an industrial building into their home and studio, already called Domus Conclusus. Allina & Matteo Cor cross the boundaries between various disciplines, with practical and theoretical projects through architecture, video, photography, painting, and sculpture. Graduated as architects in Venice, they are both PhD candidates and lectured in various European universities. The multiplicity of themes that the duo faces and the multiplicity of media through which the duo clarifies these themes give the result of their multiplicity of expressions, various and, at the same time, coherent. Allina & Matteo Cor aim at emotion through experience in front of something contemporary and timeless. Since their beginning, Allina & Matteo Cor have gained the reputation as one of the most promising realities in Italy, their work has been published in several international magazines, has been shown during art and architecture exhibitions and residences, and they have also been invited to lecture in various European universities. Their work is that variety between art and architecture – that variety between Allina & Matteo Cor.


    Opere Varie | Pompei



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