• Designer: Rashmi Bidasaria



    Sculptural yet functional container with a rubble base. 'Dibbi' translates to 'Small box' in this local language of India. The Dibbi Collection is inspired by the scrapped container found in the factory's scrap yard. Staying true to the objects that are foraged, the artefact aims to initiate a conversation about manufacture practices and is a constant reminder of responsible consumption.



    75mm ⌀ dia , 30mm height



    - Waste Quartz Powder

    - Steel Slag 

    - Scrapped Metal Plate from steel factory in India



    Dross investigates the recovery of precious metals and resources from the waste generated in the steel manufacturing industry. The collection takes the form of scrapped objects found in the factory's waste pile, puristic shapes that remind you of simpler times. The foraged metal counterparts are remiscent of the local tools and crafts. It embraces imperfection in all shapes, sizes, materials and forms.

    Rashmi Bidasaria | Dibbi - Black & White



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