• Designer: Rollo Bryant



    The  forces  that facilitate nature act in a way that often appears random to the observer, like the  branches of a tree which erratically protrude in any which direction. But in fact, this careful balance of  force allows light to penetrate through a canopy and provide another energy for growth in a di erent  organism. The natural world is shaped by these forces and evolution has insisted that a sensorial balance  and synergy is kept. Whether it’s the ability for sound to travel from one animal to the next, or the texture  of a rock as grip for microorganisms; evolution has used these mechanisms as tools to sculpt the  sublimity of organic life.  

    Using generative methods that try to replicate these forces in the digital space, it’s possible to control  how they react and take form based on designed perimeters. This opens up a new way to craft our  surroundings, by creating new techniques to control these generative energies, it's possible to create  structures with the same kind of sensorial intrigue. This work explores a form language moulded by the  simulation of forces and manipulated through a design method.  

    The methodology is used to create a collection of lamps, with the aim of exposing the intricate nature of  fluidity as it reacts with an applied surface friction. The character of the resulting involute forms utilise the  acoustic, thermal, visual and tactile qualities that these energies serve to provide and react in accordance.



    - PLA, PVA, Sand, Acrylic Glass, Aluminium



    28 x 28 x 98cm



    From embracing craft in the digital age, Rollo Bryant specialises in working techniques that merge  freehand sculpting with computational software. Focused on projects that create positive environmental  change, while promoting the idea that even with this new challenge, design can still be as appealing and  versatile, if not more so.   

    With a distinct focus on material and lighting innovation, Rollo’s goal is to create works that change  perception, invite intrigue and raise poignant topical discussion. His fascination with naturally formed  organic structures has lead to an aesthetic identity of similar character and taste.  

    Optimistic about design intervention as a means to address ecological neglect, Rollo’s most recent  project ‘Urban Stem’, attempts to bring this conversation into the spotlight, by imagining a future where  we are brought closer to the biosphere. Highlighting a number of key problems with the ways we light  our cities, the project explores ideas to mitigate our impact and prioritise an alternate agenda for urban  design. 

    Rollo Bryant | Della~ Stem



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