• Designer: Studio Joachim Morineau



    ARCEO is a light installation to create an ambiance and give structure to a public or private space. Inspired by emblematic edifices such as Pont du Gard (Roman aqueduct, FR), Studio Joachim-Morineau translates these classic architectural principles languages into a new industrial aesthetic. ARCEO is composed of various units: An entrance (4 arches), a triptych (3 arches) and a duo shelves (2 arches).



    -  Entrance vault (2000x1300, h 2900mm)

    - Triptyque (4100x1700, h 2900mm)

    - Duo shelves (2300x600, h 2450mm)



    STUDIO Joachim-Morineau is a french designer duo, graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven and based in the Netherlands / ARCHETYPES is a furniture collection created by the two designers, bringing ancient architecture archetypes together with industrial materials.

    Studio Joachim Morineau | Arceo (collection ARCHERYPES)

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