• Designer: Tweek



    Art is like jewelry

    Everyone has their own experience and Interpretation.
    The earrings are recognizable but at the same time abstract, which shape do you recog- nize?

    The use of large rough machines gives the material a robust look and feel in contrast to the elegant design. The combination of these two factors makes it TWEEK.

    *All our collections are entirely handcrafted in The Netherlands.

    * This beautiful collection is made with big rough machines. Because of this process the material has a rough structure.



    - 24k filled

    - Metal brass



    TWins, TWo sisters EEK, full of enthusiasm and energy. TWEEK is a company set up by the young entrepreneurial sisters Eek. They both complete one another with their own personal skillset and qualities they bring to the table. This synergy makes them TWEEK.





    Tweek | CROON bracelet



    Shipping within EU 13 Euro.

    Shipping out of EU country 29,30 Euro.

    Shipping to the Netherlands 4 Euro.

    Estimated delivery time:

    3 Weeks