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    Daphne is a tray, emphasizing the delicacy and versatility of leather. The tray is constructed with two layers of vegetable tanned leather and wet-formed by hand. The bordering leather knitting decorates the tray, amplifies the storage function and strengthens the standing base. The production process of one tray takes two days. Daphne can be used as a valet tray, a place mat for fine-dining or just a decorative piece in living areas. Daphne is available in nude and brown leather, with contrasting knitting colors.



    - Vegetable Tanned Leather







    What we do:

    Uniqka is a design brand, focusing on craft and material.

    The emphasis is on the versatility and elegance of leather.

    Our aim is to deliver timeless objects, both functional and beautiful.


    How we do:

    We are committed to refinement, craftsmanship, durability and respect.

    We design and produce with human scale, physically and emotionally. 

    When designing a product, we try to trigger positive emotions while fulfilling the needs.


    Respect for the environment:

    Leather is an organic and authentic material. It is precious, because it possesses the innate beauty of the nature. As a material it is one of the earliest up-cycling examples in history.

    The only leather we use is cattle leather, which is a by-product of the food industry.


    Sustainability & Circularity:

    We use environment friendly, vegetable-tanned leather in our products.

    To reduce the carbon footprint, we work with local suppliers and the leather is only sourced from selected suppliers with traceability and sustainable practices.

    We keep every single, small piece of leather and we design new products using these small pieces. 

    Uniqka | DAPHNE - Large Nude



    Shipping within EU  40 Euro.

    Shipping out of EU country 55 Euro.

    Estimated delivery time:

    10 business days


    If the product is being produced upon request the confirmation photo will be sent before shipping to be confirmed by the customer. This is an un-refundable product, customer can return the product in 14 days only if it's defective or does not carry the promised conditions like colour, quality, quantity, model ect. In case of a return of a damaged or faulty item, total money will be refunded to the Customer including the shipping fee that has been paid.