• Material:

    - Natural concrete color OR white



    H: 14,00 L: 21,00



    Urban Atölye is an experimental design-and-make workshop focused on materiality, processes and montage techniques. The workshop started as an annex to our architectural design firm where we initially held academic sessions with architectural students. For the last 5 years it has become production and know-how lab with digital tech- niques converged with handcraft, taking part in exhibitions, shows and installations. Urban Atölye experiences in design-production consultancy and produces for other architects, designers and corpora- tions.


    Founded as a reserach lab in 2009 by Architect Nilüfer Kozikoğlu, Urban Atölye serves both to her Architecture Office for design and making installations and one-off projects and also to the academic groups. Since 2013 production out of concrete is being done.


    Urban Atölye now proceeds more deeply in “design for production and production for design” in collaboration with many artists and designers.

    Urban Atolye | PEBBLES - Candleholder - Large


    Cost: 10 Euro

    Estimated delivery time:

    7 Business days