• Designer: Zheni



    Shopping in the fields. The wearable vase is made from stoneware clay in sand color, with a white glance glaze inside. The vase is fixed on the body with leather straps that resemble a bandage in design and feel. The object is an accessory that allows you to carry a bouquet of fresh flowers, creating the image of a person who has just gone shopping for them in the fields. 



    - Ceramic

    - Glaze



    - Height 30 cm

    - Width 10cm



    Zheni is ceramic design studio. My name is Evgeniia Kazarezova, I’m a ceramic designer. Started my professional career as an architect and later as an interior designer, I continue to work with space now by placing my objects in it. Mostly I work with clay as with one of the ancient and natural material human worked with. Perception of the way material got through the thousands of years in different cultures all around the globe gives me a dose of verve. Using traditional craftsmanship methods I go for contemporary design objects that reflect my vision and feeling of actualities of the modern world. I'm a child of post-Soviet Russia. So I appreciate soviet postmodernist and brutalist architecture. I observe relationships between human and nature on the city site, making connections between different natural phenomenas. It gives me the opportunity to achieve unobvious results during the design process. I associate myself with an aesthetic of pure material textured impressive forms, I make my objects massive, tactile, and sensory. My works may be characterized by the purity of form, naturalness, and minimalism in colors. The design method can be described as a practice-led exploration of harmony between form, texture and natural colour of the material to create sculptural and functional objects hand-made and fired in my Studio in Bratislava.

    Zheni | Wearable vase



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