Concrete Blanket by Love Aesthetics Atelier

An ‘under construction’ and ‘work in progress’ element is signature in Love Aesthetics Atelier, referencing to the concept of creative workspaces, where experiments take place. This blanket is created by them with a life size print, which gives you the feeling of heaviness and rawness, but actual material is soft and high-tech.

milan design market

To be used outdoors as well as indoors. Picnic blanket, table cloth, bed cover, play blanket, etc. The multifunctional sheet features a life size print of the Love Aesthetics Atelier concrete floor. The upper part is made out of a high-tech, velvety soft material which due to its extremely fine nature is water and dirt repellent. It is lined with heavy outdoor friendly white Nylon to keep your blanket clean and dry in the park. It comes with a raw leather harness.

They also have an inspiring blog, you should check it

Brand Blog

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