Textile Designers from RÖD STUDIO

(c) Michael Siversten

This interview is with two young designers from Copenhagen. I think the particularity of their work is the aesthetics developed with an ancient technique called tufting, with which they were able to create contemporary and unconventional carpets.

(Anne-Maja) You are the designers of RÖD STUDIO. When and how did you start this journey?

It all started a little over a year ago when we finished our studies at the Royal Academy of fine Arts in Copenhagen. We did our master project together and we were very excited about the result and we just wanted to continue making carpets. So we started our own workspace in Copenhagen.

How is to be a designer in Copenhagen (advanteges-disadvantages)?

It is a bit difficult because the danish people are not always that brave when it comes to experimental design. They like the simple and streamlined. But we see an increasing interest in our carpets, so hopefully Copenhagen is becoming more open-minded. But we love the city and there are a lot of inspiring designers here.

You establish yourselves as textile designers, for the ones who don`t know, what does a textile designer do?

A textile designer is a very broad concept. They can be included in many different scenarios and are often considered as the material experts. You can design textiles for example clothing, interior or architecture. We wanted to be independent and have our own production the form of our carpets.

(c) Michael Sivertsen

You have two collections inspired by Marrakesh and Istanbul, did you visit them to get inspired and get to know different techniques? Do you like to travel?

Yes. We usually travel to get inspired and to get to know the techniques and crafts of other cultures. We love the aesthetics in Marrakesh and Istanbul. Both cities are very colourful and beautiful but also humorous and random. Our next stop is Berlin and our coming collection will be based on Berlin. We love to have a city as our dogma and let the inputs guide us.

We have realised that you are using super interesting materials. How do you make your material selections?

It is based on the inspiration we get from our trips to other countries. We really want to challenge ourselves and the whole idea of what a carpet is and what it can be. So as a starting point all materials are welcome in our carpets – some work better than others.

How do you start to design a collection? Do you make graphical base before and then decide the materials or you design everything together?

We collect inspiration and materials. Then we sketch a lot and make collages to create the shapes and color samples to make sure the whole collection has a homogeneous expression.

Do you use digital technology and modern tools or you make your carpets in a traditional way?We use a technique called tufting which is a bit outdated especially in Denmark. But we want to work as analog as possible. We think the handcrafted is a very big quality.

(c) Michael Sivertsen

Do you have any suggestions for who wants to become a textile designers?

How should they start?

Just practice the way you look at the world. Suddenly you will see the world in patterns and colors. It gives you the opportunity to be creative. People seek a more analog world and personally we love to create things. Textile design is a perfect way to be in contact with a more tactile and sensual world where you can touch and feel things in contrast to the digital world.

We would like the know more about you; Who is Anne? Who is Maja? What are your interests? Can you you give us a short bio?

We are quite different but our personalities compliment each other very well and we bring different things to the table. Anne Louise loves being active and is the sharp one on trends and fashion. Maja is a music freak and is more in her own little bubble and fantasies. But common for the both of us we love design and art and to express ourselves through our carpets.

Do you have a new collection coming up? If yes, can you tell us a little bit about it?

As mentioned we are working on our new collection which will be inspired by Berlin. We don’t know how it will turn out yet but it is interesting to work with an aesthetic that is more similar to ours. But Berlin is still a bit more edgy and crazy. It will be ready in January/February..

(c) Michael Sivertsen





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