Imagine of the sky "Cloudie" by Emir Polat

Emir, this year you are presenting "Cloudie" to us in Milan Design Market. Could you give more information about this product?

"Cloudie" will be my first produced design, so I'm incredibly excited and also very honored to be selected for the exhibition during Milan Design Week. Cloudie is produced from brass tubes and 3D printed cloud with PLA material. Led strips are used for illumination. It is positioned on a wooden base/platform to hide the cables and provide a balance.

What is the story beyond this design? What is your design philosophy?

I'm a master student. In one of our project, we were working with one of the famous brands in Milan. The subject was totally different when I started to design Cloudie. One day while I was working on it I saw one of my colleague and how she was looking to the design. The emotion on her face directly affected me in a powerful way. At that point, I decided to separate it and continue working on it like an individual design. After some changes, additions and brainstorms I presented Cloudie with a new form, new purpose, and new soul. Then I applied to Milan Design Market and received their kind respond with acceptance.

Usually, how do you give form to your products and what was your main inspiration about this specific one?

Usually, I start to play with the most primitive shapes. An ellipse, a rectangle or a single line can be my first step. Since the first day that I arrived in Milan, my design philosophy has started to change. Because I believe a city can educate people. Milan taught me. Milan touched me. And I designed the ‘Cloudie’. The idea of “The place where the roofs join the sky” has always affected me and my thoughts. This is the exact point when I decide to start imagining. Imagine of the sky, imagine of the clouds and eventually imagine of the roofs with a simple shape of a home. After drawing plenty of sketches, 'Cloudie' occurred with its whole story.

You are from Turkey and now you are living in Milan, what can you tell about this combination, how did you decide to come to Milan and now how your home country affects you with your designs if it does

Actually, Milan was not my first plan to get a master education. I was planning to go Melbourne or Sydney :) But somehow I decided to come to Milan and definitely I don’t regret it. I'm really happy to be here because I feel like I'm at home. Turkey is also a Mediterranean country, so I've never felt like a stranger. Even these two countries are Mediterranean, they also have some differences. Milan has a face of the western culture and my country has a face of the eastern culture. I like to combine them in my works. Because I believe that both cultures have a magnificent impact and value in the history of design and also nowadays in contemporary design.

Tell more about your creative process I am really curious about 1 day of a designer like you.

Well, I have lessons every morning in the Academy, usually after that I enjoy going home, putting some music (which I am a real fan of Jazz and Blues) to relax and start playing with shapes to design. I am a night time designer, I can use my full attention and concentration when the sun goes down. Sometimes one day or one night is enough for me to get a satisfying result. But also there are times that I wait inspiration for weeks, at the end I always present them to my editor/curator at home, my wife. This is very important for me, because I always trust her taste. I am designer (or still trying to be), and I see all of my designs like my children, sometimes I just can’t see the problems within them, her criticism is very important for me, in this way I can see the contradictory or distressed parts of my designs and have a chance to fix them.

How your daily life routine affects your design?

Every day I check my favorite designers, websites and try to catch the new trends. But my main source of inspiration is always nature. I grew up with nature, so it's still very important for me to feel it. Also, culinary art is the most interesting field for me after the design of space/product. I have a long repertoire including different countries from all over the world. Good meal means the perfect start for a good design to me :)

Which magazines, programs do you follow?

I'm also an architect. I'm trying to follow some magazines and media sources from my country about architecture and design like 'Mimarlık', 'Yapı', 'Raf' and also some international sources like 'Interior Design', 'Elle Decor' or 'Dezeen'. But my favorite sources are always all the showrooms of Milan.

What do you like most about Milan from a "designer" point of view?

I believe that Milan is the capital of design. Not only for the fashion, also for the interior and product design. That means a lot to me. We live in a historical, a beautiful and at the same time in a modern city. I think that's an opportunity for all of us. But what I like most about Milan is freshness. Milan is a fresh city. I mean I can find everything I need in here. Last trends, lots of art, lots of music, everything I need for being full of joy and inspiration for my designs. Also, I live in the youngest district of Milan. I feel that this city affects me a lot. And I am very pleased with that.


Emir Polat



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