A perfect combination between aesthetic and functionality by Think Up Studio

Can you tell us about yourselves? How did you meet?

We met in a design studio in Rome in 2014. Ale worked there for a few years while for me it was the first work experience immediately after graduation. We had different roles, he was responsible for the realization of architectural renderings and already began to experiment with augmented reality while I was more focused on architectural design, but during our cigarette breaks (we both stopped) we had started to fantasize on how it would be to try to carry out all our projects.

Our paths were very different, Ale attended art school, then two years of interior architecture to understand that what fascinated him the most was being able to create new objects and creatures, which did not exist except in his head, then he started studying self-taught 3D modeling software without stopping until he became a 3D artist; I, however, I did high school science and then I graduated in engineering construction-architecture but I always grew up withthe idea that the furniture were produced and not ordered in the shop since the family business produceswooden furniture for generations.

Ada you are an engineer and Alessio you are a 3D artist. How this combination works?

Ada is certainly the most rational and scientific part, both by training and by character, while I am creative and experimental part, for the same reasons. The idea then was to combine our backgrounds and found, in 2015, Think Up Studio. We have professional training in common; having worked in the same architectural studio with professionals who were also teachers for us, has led us to develop the same meticulous care and attention especially in the design phases. Despite our differences, our roles are interchangeable, but of course we try to divide the tasks trying to respect the attitudes of both. So I focus more on the first phase of the work, dealing with prototyping through 3D models. And having passed both (hard part: D) design and technology of the product, Ada is responsible to follow the implementation phase, up to the creation of the first piece.

It seems like the simplicity and geometry of your products has the priority. May you explain the story of your products?

The idea is to create products that have a character, without being baroque. We like to play with shapes but keeping an essential style both in the geometries and in the finishes. For the sections of the tables we made countless attempts, perhaps 50 different, because we had to work with two verses at the same time. The fact that the pieces can rotate was certainly a complication; we wanted to find a solution that would be satisfactory for any combination possible through simple lines. And for the stools instead we worked meticulously to get to the definition of a profile that was open in order to make it very light but that could then support the weight and the stresses of the movements.

How do you describe your creative process?

We strangely agree to call it an experimental process. We have not done a design school, we know the history of the great masters because we have always been fascinated but we can not work only on the basis of suggestions. It is essential for us, the study of detail, of particulars and if we can not find a perfect

combination between aesthetic and functionality, let's start again. We want our pieces to declare, even by looking at them, how they are built or how we want them to believe that they are


​Are there any moments that you get creatively unstuck?

Obviously yes, it usually happens when we have completed a collection. Perhaps it happens because we dedicate ourselves so intensely to the project to come to an end with the feeling that all ideas have become worn out. With the passing of the days, we take back energy and start looking around for inspiration, or so it is so far.

Your products are entirely Made in Italy. Could you explain us your production phase? How did you produce your first complete collection?

Yes, we are very proud to be able to say it. We work with exclusively Italian materials and we produce entirely with Italian companies, because this allows us to know the quality of the product we are offering. For what concerns the woodworking, we are quite advantaged because we can do almost everything directly with Ma.Gi.Ca., the family business.

Once the project has been developed, we create a prototype to analyze the critical issues and when we think we have resolved them, we develop the definitive model through numerically controlled machines that guarantee us millimeter accuracy. Regarding the materials we buy, we try to rely on companies we have been collaborating with for years, but with the extra effort to verify that everything works through 3D models, so we order them and hope that we are not stuck.

And this is exactly how we worked to produce the pieces of the STRIPES line.


Think Up Studio




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