The modular lighting systems by Luce Possibile

Fabio, before your product we want to know who are you, what is your story?

My name is Fabio Quellari and I'm 39. I come from Milan, I studied mechanics and then I graduated in the Brera Academy, studying industrial design. In 1998 I started work in the food industry, where I made projects for industrial mechanics. After my graduation I started my own path into the design field, starting with projects forn furniture-made. I worked for famous brands, such as Gucci, Dsquared 2, Roberto Cavalli and Etro. I also made some projects for excellent hotels and private buildings.

How do you describe your product?

The products I'm going to present during the Milan Design Week have been projected by me for giving people the possibility to choose the light direction. Thanks to the manual movement of their modules, we will be able to have both direct and undirect light. In this way, light won't never strike our eyes in order to don't have any problem related to reflections. Therefore, thanks to it we will be able to regulate light without using any dimmer and it will fit to each kind of bulb. This kind of modular lampshade modifyes its own appearance as a mechanical flower: when it opens itself it spreads light. Thanks to this mechanism we could get as more light as we desire, in order to enjoy the right visual comfort and to have "Every possible light".

What is modular decomposable design for you?

Modulars are composed by metal and can be adapted for every kind of request, according to the numbers of petals, shapes or the quality of their finity.

How did you decide to work with light? What has inspired you?

For my work I took inspiration from the passions of my life: movies and photography. As in a movie, where light and photography are the elements which give to a scene its own peculiarity and beauty, even in a common space or a room I think that the right light is able to change the whole environment and atmosphere.

How light effects the areas that we live? Do you think that light effects also psychology?

I think that light is foundamental in everyday life. Light itself is a synonimous of life.

Especially in our own house or in the places we work we should always have the opportunity to decide and control the lights we have available.

Having a more comfortable visual perception let our eyes relaxed, in order to not stress them.

What key metrics do you use to track your design success?

The key metrics I use to track my design success are: the choose of strong materials, usuful projects which can also been modifyed according to the customer requests, the total lack of plastic materials and not using galvanic threatments.

In this way I'm going to present product that's can also be defined "green", which is a prior quality nowadays and, hopefully, in the future.

How your daily life routine effect your design?

What effect my design is my passion in staying with people and colleagues especially with artisans and workers, instead of spending my time sitting on a chair, alone in an office, because I think that I can learn more from people around me and from their experiences.

What are your opinion on Milan Design Week?

The Milan Design Week has always been very interesting to me, it is an important event which is growing up every year, this why I'm so glad to take part in it.


Luce Possibile



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