De-dimensions by Jongha Choi

Jongha before talking about your products we would like to know your story. What is the design idea behind Jongha Choi Studio?

I studied Sculpture in Korea before I studied Design in Netherlands. I've always enjoyed to make something in my hand, with physical figures. Sometimes I tried to create a figure of a concept or a feeling, which has no appearance. I had to borrow other materials to realize this unshaped things into physical figures, like kinetic material, or installation art. I think myself, who are trying to create something invisible to visible, something in mind to touchable, and something in concept to object.

How do you describe your products?

De-dimension is the furniture which looks like crossing between 2D and 3D. But it is just a physical foldable furniture. I think it is the users who actually across 2D and 3D. The users experience two different dimensions at the same time by their vision and tactile. I would be glad if users got the awkward feeling as like being inbetween 2D and 3D world, just like I got in the first place.

I have read that your products reflect on the difference between image and object, do you want to tell us more about this philosophy of yours?

In contemporary age, the status of the Image has changed remarkably by advancement of scientific technology. Image is not only giving an optical effect, but also practical experience. We can already experience this through the technology, like VR, AR and 3D printing skill. But it has still been happened in a screen. We can not meet the Virtual reality without smart phone or particular devices. I was wondering what happens if we can actually experience the 2D world without any entering point. If we can experience the world disappearing a gap between 2D and 3D. In this sense, I tried to experience it intuitively and physically.

What does design mean to you?

Creative activities, include design, are an imagination that makes me joyful. Without any burdens, it give a psycological and physical pleasant to my brain and hand.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Usually I got inspired from everyday life. It is important to me to see the segment of slice of daily routine. Sometimes familiar things are not familiar anymore in microscopic view. This habitual process gives me inspirational point.

What are your opinion on Milan Design Week?

Without questions, it is the most important design festival in the world by gathering designers, artists, audiences, companies, capital and potential. But personally, it is more important because it gives motivation for me to bring more ideas and work more.

How was your experience at Milan Design Market?

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend on the actual place. But it was great collaboration with MDM people. We communicated perfectly through email, and we brought successful event. It will be great experience if I can participate next time.


Jongha Choi



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