Nort Studio interview.

Today we have an interview with the owners and designers of Studio Nort. They work creating furniture and love experimenting with the materials and colour compositions, their work is truly beautiful. We invite you to read the interview we had with them and share your thoughts and opinions about it.

When did you guys met? Did the idea of opening a studio came right away?

- In daily life we’re a couple for 19 years now. After working on our individual projects, we decided to team up and start working as a couple together. We immediately experienced the advantages of working as a couple. Complete trust, understanding each other and never blaming one another, made it right from the start.

We have seen a lot f experimentation with colors and materials. Who is the one behind all this ideas?

-We design and create together. During this process we bring together our own vision and opinion. We received a different education, but for us that is rather an advantage than an obstacle.

I (Kathleen) am a graphic designer and have an eye for detail and a broad interest in materials. So that certainly explains the graphic elements and the use of colour in our designs.

Jef’s approach is rooted in industrial engineering, profound knowledge of techniques and various craftsman's skills. He’s able to translate a drawing into a three-dimensional object. However, the interaction that takes place between us plays an important role leading up to the outcome of a final product. At the end, we both made our contribution to the process and the final result.

Do you guys follow any method when it’s time to designing new pieces? Or do you keep an open mind and just go with the flow of inspiration?

-Pieces are designed for costumers which means we have to take into account certain aspects such as preferences, surroundings and dimensions.

Most of the time we’re lucky to have nice projects that allows us to be creative and … last but not least they pay the bill. In addition we design pieces free of any context or demand. They are important for us because working on these designs gives us an energy to keep on going and keep on doing what we love.

When we’re developing a new object we can’t stop talking about it to each other… should we change the form?, What colour will we use?, Will that new technique work out?, Will it function properly? … We’re exited about the outcome and can’t wait to see it finished. But besides the energy it gives us, we think it’s important to work on a coherent collection with its own style.

Have you ever been in any edition of Milan Design Week? Being Fuori Salone or Salone del Mobile? If not, what do you think about the concept of opening Milan Design Market to give an opportunity to young studios or designers to have a spot during the event?

We never made it to Milan yet, but it is on our to-do list for next year. Unfortunately prices to participate are very high. Concepts likes Milan Design Market are great for young studios.

Can you tell us some of your favorite designers and what's captivating about them?

We love Italian design for its aesthetics, use of colour and combination of materials. Designers like Studiopepe, Dimore studio and Formafantasma are examples of what we call good Italian design. Whereas on the other hand, Dutch design is very innovative. The Dutch design week is always very inspirational and surprising. It shows materials, techniques and functio

nality that often has never been seen before. A designer who inspires us for his experimental design is Maw Lamb. In the field of lighting we’re always impressed by the designs of Michael Anastassiades. And there are many more great designers, but that would make this list too long…

Going a bit a away from the design topic, what trends do you see in the world that you consider important or worth of attention, it might be music, film, video games or arts, whatever you guys consider interesting and worth sharing with us and the world. What are some personal favorites of yours in this fields?

Having 4 kids makes you think automatically about the future. It makes you worry more. What will be the environmental and social consequences of the choices we make today? We regularly talk about it with our children, but as they grow older it happens more often that they tell us what we should do better! That makes us hopeful and is reassuring.

A great designer/artist/inventor is Daan Roosegaarde. For example, he invented the Smog Free Bicycle: you clean the air while riding a bike. Or a bike path that reflects in the dark! We’re not inventors, but in our designs we care about honest use of materials and techniques. We think that’s the least we can do.


Nort Studio




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