NIO. Your favorite bar, right at home.

Today we want to introduce you to NIO, a company dedicated to give you the best cocktail experience at home, or wherever wherever you are.

NIO will be presented in Milan from the 9th to the 14th of April, in the Milan Design Market 4th edition, you can come and taste it.

Born out of two Italian entrepreneurs who decided to give a twist to the way we normally consume mixed spirits, creating an alternative that simplifies the experience, makes it more convenient and appealing, and also is loaded with good taste and style.

The project started two years ago when Alessandro and Luca were thinking how nice it would be to enjoy a cocktail sitting comfortably on the sofa without having to go out to a bar or pub. After Luca’s two daughters were born he realized he had less and less time to go out for drinks or dinner. It was the start of the idea of revolutionizing the concept of cocktails and how we consume them, taking them from the bar to the living room, without losing any quality, on the spirits and the experience itself.

The answer is the single-dose cocktails, perfectly mixed and ready to use. The liquid is kept in an easy & chic pack as thin as a cd: just shake the package, tear off a corner and pour into a glass with ice. Hence their name Needs Ice Only, NIO.

With certified quality NIO is 100% Mixed in Italy, as stated by Luca and Alessandro: "We use the best spirits, without added preservatives, additives or chemical agents; we boast our own internal and direct production chain, as is also the conception and realization of the exclusive design packaging that guards our cocktails ".

NIO wants to win a space in your home bar with 14 different proposals that include the most popular drinks from the Negroni to the Daiquiri, passing from Tommy’s Margarita, Manhattan, Boulevardier, Gin Sour to the Cosmopolitan, the ladies favorite. In need of an amazing gift idea? The gift card or the box to customize with 5 or 10 cocktails are always among the favorites. They are also preparing 3 new options for spring time,

This dedication to quality and good service is what has allowed the company to already be present in more than ten countries, passing from Chile to Lebanon.

Like you might know by this point, NIO is the perfect solution for having people over, takes care of all the hassle so you can just enjoy your house party or dinners with friends. Delight your guests with a Negroni or Margarita, like the ones from their favorite bartender.

In time for spring, they are ready to launch three new cocktails prepared by the internationally renowned mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi, creator of all of NIOs recipes; a twist on our classic sours! Gin Proved, with gin and Crème de Violette; Garden of Russia, a fresh variation of our vodka sour with Sambuco liqueur, and finally Golden Brown, a sophisticated revisit of our classic whisky sour in which the mix of vanilla liquor and coffee exalts the character of the Bulleit Bourbon.

So, where can NIO cocktails be found? On the online shop, Amazon, Winelivery (the drink delivery that in half an hour on Milan delivers NIO complete with ice), in selected hotels and restaurants and not only, but also on the occasion of trend setter events such as the Milan Design Week.

Check out their social media and website for ordering your first NIO.






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