Nando Dolleman

Local Optimum

Nando Dolleman is a designer from the Netherlands, with his background in furniture making he graduated with the chair "Local Optimum" from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven.

For his exhibition this year at Milan Design Market he will introduce a series of chairs that are vey original and striking, not only in their shape and colors but also on the concept behind them.

Inspired by the principle of ‘Minimal Surface Tension’ - letting the laws of nature govern the design. By experimenting with small-scale models of metal frames in different shapes and dipping them in soapy water, Nando Dolleman discovered that physics fills in the rest, instantly creating surfaces spanning the gaps. Translating this principle to furniture design, he stretched textiles over large frames to create the chairs. The same method can be applied to create endless variations.

As he says “you can get a computer to calculate all the angles and structures, or spend hours sketching the ideal lines, but why not leave some design decisions to natural forces?” The creation process becomes even more interesting by the natural reactions of this components.

He also gives lectures and facilitate workshops at his former college, Hout & Meubel College, in Amsterdam. In his own words, "The main objective of my lessons is to experience the working method of Trial & Error in combination with a hands-on mentality. It is always a challenge to work with a new group of students, at the end of the day we discus together the end results. It is not about finishing with something that is beautiful, but about understanding the circle of design and replicating this design strategy in further projects."

This structural chairs will be presented in Milan from the 9th to the 15th of April, in the Milan Design Market 4th edition. You can come visit Nando himself at the exhibition and even buy his pieces.

You can see more of his work in his website and social media.


Nando Dolleman




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