Let us introduce Highsociety. This start up is something truly unique, they create materials for lighting solutions with natural components that are not normally seen under this conditions. Located in the heart of the Dolomites where nature gives them beauty and inspiration. As they say “we are deeply sensitive to the emerging issues of the circular economy. The "Highlight" collection tries to make environmental problems its own by creating design objects that enhance waste materials from other productions as a primary resource.”

Highsociety, is taking ground pieces of tobacco and hemp mixing them with a special resin, which then its cold pressed into form to create the lamps screens. The result is a truly fantastic finishing that keeps some characteristics of the original material, like the color and the particular reflection of the light. "Our commitment is to re-establish a genuine connection between man and nature through the language of design.”

Their presentation at Milan Design Market will feature two of the materials they use in their production, showcasing both the final product and the raw ingredients.

This new way of looking at this substances can also help promote their use in other settings and scenarios. The innate properties of the natural components together with the strength provided by the resin can bring amazing results. We have seen experimentation by other people using similar materials even in cars.






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