Make Clean Water by Francesca Daloiso

Francesca Daloiso, born in San Marco in Lamis (FG) on the 10th of October 1996 is an ambitious and creative girl. Since she was a child, she exhalts her friendly personality and her artistic creativity attitude, en fact at the age of ten, she attended different courses of painting in which she has learnt the drawing methodology. Her passion for the english language convinced her to attend Liceo Linguistico Aldo Moro in Margherita di Savoia (BT) and studiyng privately to improve her language skills. She attended NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan and, during the three studying years, she took part in different workshops and factories collaborations and finally she obtained the Bachelor degree in Product Design.

For her exhibition for the Fuorisalone she developed a series of jars and filtration systems, all made by hand with artisanal techniques.

The glassworks in the jars are very classical with a minimal look twist. Also the systems on top, where the magic of filtration happens, can be used with several different filtration materials. Combining the manmade parts of the piece, with natural ones.

We all want access to clean water in our houses, but sometimes the most known existing solutions for this are not aesthetically pleasing or plain ugly, with Menia this changes, you can have a design water filter that doesn’t disrupt the entire mood of your kitchen


Francesca Daloiso




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