Ciro Bergonzi

Ciro Bergonzi is an architect and designer (industrial and furniture), he has always worked on those fields and wants to start a business based on his collectible design projects. His firm deals with Architecture, Industrial Design and Collectible Furniture Design. Ram22 and Ram23 are the two projects that he will present during the fourth edition of Milan Design Market.

Ram Collection:

During the Milan Design Week the studio will present a preview of two pieces of the Ram Collection; Ram22 and Ram23, two self-produced sessions with a limited edition in wood.

The Ram Collection was born as a simple research in the field of three-dimensional computer modeling.

In an attempt to reproduce the organic shapes of the ram's horns, I discovered new forms and that project became this collection and the research shifted to the development of organic forms dialoguing with the empty space.

Despite having overturned the sense of the initial research, I wanted to keep the coded name of the design files and assign them to the various products, as an act of intellectual honesty towards the creative process, which is often not under complete control.

The Ram18 was the first creature in the collection, but the impressive piece was not found by Italian companies, so only a small model in 3D printing remained for more than a year.

“Fortunately, during a two-year stay in Glasgow, I met a community of designers (MakLab) who pushed

me towards self-production and gave me the means to develop my technique and produce two prototypes.

Back in Italy I continued my collaboration with Viscardi Modellisti who, with more than 40 years of professional experience, welcomed me into his laboratories and accompanied me in the constant improvement of the production technique.”

Each seat is computer designed using 3D modeling software. The model is broken down into individual sections; the number varies between 70 and 90 units depending on the type of session.

The sections are cut with CNC numerical control machines and then meticulously joined by hand until they form the rough shape of the finished product.

It begins with a milling that smoothes the sharp cuts of the machine and smoothes the surface to obtain a smooth and compact surface. After that the product seems to be dug from a single block and pushes the wood to a new level of plasticity able to dialogue with the void that becomes an element of the seat.

Come visit his new Ram Collection at Milan Design Market in via Pastrengo 14, from the 9th to the 14th of April.


Ciro Bergonzi





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