Seà Design

Let us present you Seà Design, our latest interview with this fantastic duo of Italian entrepreneurs. They will be at Milan Design Market showing their latest collection of lamps.

What can you tell us about you and your studio?

Seà Design founded by Alessandra Cinti and Elisa Palladinelli, two women, two designers, two entrepreneurs. The company was founded in 2017 to pursue a utopia: giving back its feminine side to design. Seà Design's incursions take place in the field of interior and industrial design, graphics and web design and layout. They are aimed at the contract and private sectors, offering eclectic and innovative solutions to meet the needs of those looking for a style without compromise.

Where are you from. Where did you go to university? (In case you didn't let us know how you started in the field)

Seà Design was formed within an AANT Rome academy and subsequently specialized with Masters and courses in various national and international academies.

What is the concept behind your project? What do you plan to pass on to visitors? Where does inspiration come from?

Seà Design in 2018 creates the EOA Brand, a design brand designed to remove the superfluous and exercise on the relationship between form and function, in a continuous search for a balance with the surrounding environment. The result are unique products that become the pivot of conjunction, element of a conversation. Excerpts from a fascinating story. A bit of Bauhaus for conceptual rigor, a touch of Japan for clean lines, a dose of innovation to reinvent the simplest objects. Angular shapes to delimit, circular figures to incorporate: it is from the geometry that the logo takes shape, a synergy composed of a square (E), a circle (O) and a triangle (A). Exciting and making our projects recognizable

What do you expect from the 4th edition of the Milan Design Market?

An audience that is attentive to detail and recognizes the value of our projects.


How would you describe your work?

UP “Imagine it like this: stiletto heels and sketch pads always in hand. It takes both things to be women and designers, but also heart, mind and imagination are needed. "

What are your main sources of inspiration?

Innovation lies in designing design products always taking inspiration from elementary forms: Square, Circle, Triangle. Particularly in the lighting line, we aimed to create a new concept of light design enhancing, through a light source, the perimeter of the shapes so as to make the shapes

themselves a lamp.

Have you ever presented your work at another design event?

Yes, two years ago at the Super Studio during the 2017 Design Week

What do you think of the general experience of Milan Design Week?

Milan Design Week is an opportunity for us young designers to compare and get experience and visibility.

Do you have a specific system that you follow before starting a project?

As well as training, (basic element) our inspiration is contained in this sentence:

"Designing a green risotto or the terrine in which to cook it requires the use of a method," Munari said. EOA does exactly this: it designs with method making the design stubborn, eclectic, rigorous, light, sophisticated, visionary, energetic.

How do you produce work? Was it difficult to find this solution?

We follow the path of our work with determination and passion despite holes, climbs and descents, the excitement and tenacity essential ingredients for not giving up.

What impact do the Internet and social media have on your work?

In recent years they have had internet and especially social media an impact of considerable importance for all of us designers and therefore also for our company.

Do you have thoughts or considerations on the current design scene in the world?

The public is increasingly attentive to the purchase of design products, but in our opinion there is a "revolution" stalemate compared to the 1980s and 1990s.

What trends do you see taking over in the following years?

In our opinion the concept of the unique and customizable product, technologies, multi-functionality and synergy of different materials will be increasingly alive.


Seà Design




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