At Milan Design Market we would love to present to you the latest Scrollino Collection, recently launched in New York City. ​

They are Ludmila and Sylvain Favardin, in their creative work they push boundaries between design, visual art, and interactivity. They love seeking out new interesting ways of reading and bringing them to life to inspire and share with others.

Over 9 years of publishing and designing experience led them to the creation of Scrollino - a new media format that gets you looking at paper and its possibilities differently. Scrollino is an innovative device to read continuous printable content. Much like a Smartphone but completely analog and 100% paper!

A pencil is all you need to read and rewind stories, images or elegant design notebooks over 2 meters long. All Scrollinos are carefully crafted in our studio (Nantes, France), from high-quality and eco-friendly materials.

They did officially pre-launched the Scrollino in June 2016 during the first Scrollino exhibition at the famous le lieu unique in Nantes, France. However, the story of the Scrollino’s invention goes back much further. In 2011 we founded Edition Lidu – an independent art publishing platform and started to work with artists and designers all over the world.

"We always challenged ourselves to bring new interesting ways of reading and we focused on the natural interactivity while organizing exhibitions, workshops and conferences." The Scrollino adventure begins in fact in 2013, when they started to experiment with thermal POS Printers to print and publish illustrated books. The printed results were so nice and exciting. They did not wait too long to develop their own printing software to use the thermal printers usually used in supermarkets.

In 2014 they published a collection of Pocket Comic Books (Edition Lidu, 2014), each several

yards/meters long. The great feedback from people motivated them to create a better design to unroll and rewind these very long books. After 3 years of experiments, designing and development, Scrollino was finally born in France on March 2016 (still as a prototype). Their first Scrollino presentation in public took place during the art battle Catch d’écriture in Nantes on 12 May 2016.

Later on, we have set out for the Scrollino International Launch Tour with the first stop in Brussels in September 2016, and traveled to many places to show the creative possibilities of Scrollino. The international launch took place in Italy for the occasion of the prestigious Milano Design Week 2017. Since then we continue to improve each detail to bring you an exciting experience with Scrollino. Below, we have selected the most important moments of our creative journey, that we would love to share with you.






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