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A. Profiles was founded in 2017 under the creative direction of five young architects. The team, elaborating simple and vibrant lines thanks to chromatic and material combinations, transforms an idea into furnishing elements with a unique and high quality design. The goal is to get out of the choir, create unique objects and customizable solutions. The main mission is to innovate: a style that is constantly changing, thanks to creative solutions and new interpretations of timeless Design icons.

Selected from thousands of young aspiring designers, in the wake of the success of the past year, they decide to return to the show at the most important event of the year in the world of Design: The Salone Satellite, the pavilion of the Salone del Mobile in Milan dedicated to Under 35. This year we will also find them at Milan Design Market in the Isola neighbourhood, with the new "ZigPack" project.

"What characterizes us is a constant desire to innovate and reinterpret-say the guys on the Team-in the line of 2018 we used metal profiles to make them functional again, giving new shape to an existing technology. The Challenge of this year was to find a new technology in a known form, the ZigZag of Rietveld in its resealable version: ZigPack.

ZigPack is born from the desire to make versatile and functional the iconic seat from the distinctive Z profile, designed by G.T. Rietveld in 1932, which combines in a single line legs, seat and back. After a long experimentation, the A. Profiles team found the solution to engineer the product and make it completely closable. The chair is studied in three steps: In the original function, at the table and closed in only 14 cm that allow to store it even in environments with reduced space. The insertion of the hinges and the system of opening triangles, embedded in the thickness of the chair, made possible the rotation of the wooden axes-originally connected to each other by interlocking teeth.

Finally, the painting of the solo back side of the chair makes it recognizable and customizable in infinite solutions.






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