In todays article we want to introduce you to BmpDeco, they come from Iran to Milan with a lot of motivation and positive messages.

BmpDeco: Where design meets the mind to create an impact by empowering and inspiring people to be the designer of their own space and their own life.

How two opposites can coexist and create harmony and value; the message worth spreading around.

"BmpDeco" inspires people in three ways. "Being More Purposeful, Being More Positive and Being More Proactive." It is where design meets the mind to create an impact. With life full of its ups and downs, BmpDeco empowers people to reach their fullest potential to achieve their dream life. Its purpose is becoming the designer of our space and our own life. The environment we live in can impact how we feel and impacts our state of mind. BmpDeco focuses on the values we all share as human beings and expresses them through design. Everything starts from within each individual for creating an impact in the world and that is where BmpDeco starts its impact.

The first collection of BmpDeco, CYP (Change Your Perspective), is launching during Milan Design week 2019 in Isola District. CYP shows the importance of perspective in the reality we see. It inspires individuals to choose an empowering perspective. It makes an impact both on an individual and social level starting with the mindset. It shows two opposing ideas can coexist and unite with changes of perspective and seeing through the lens of empathy.

BmpDeco was founded by Iranian Designer Parisa Rafipour. Architecture was what brought her initially to Milan, Italy. With her background in Architecture and Global Business, she developed a vision for creating an impact through design. Having lived in Iran, the U.S. and Italy have broadened her vision globally. These experiences have motivated her to explore the world in depth and to be curious about diverse issues and human behaviors. She explores the connection of design, human behavior, and social issues. She believes that the purpose of art and design is to "wash the dust of everyday life off our souls".






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